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Background of the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Research questions

Significance of the study

Delimitation of the study

Definition of terms


History of Economics

Aims and Purpose of Economics

The Value of Economics as a Subject


Research Method

Research Design


Sample and Sampling Techniques

Research Instrument

Validity of the instruments

Administration of Instrument

Data Analysis


Result and Discussion

Presentation of Data


Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations







The purpose of this study a comparative analysis of the relationship between student performances in NECO and WAEC Examinations in Secondary Schools in Ekiti State. Two null hypotheses were posited and tested at 0.05 level of significance using the t-test method. Students performance in both public and private school were used and it was a randomized sample of one hundred and fifty students drawn from a population of three thousand, five hundred and thirty nine students from six secondary schools in the study area. The analysis of the scores reveals that, there are significant differences in the academic performance of private and public secondary schools. This study has exposed a highly reliable body of information about the performance of male and female students, private and public secondary schools and how they are totally independent of themselves. Students and schools administrators have been exposed to factors that need to be taken into consideration in teaching and learning biology. The recommendation from this research is that teachers, governments and schools administrators should make efforts for the provision of students needs in terms of what will make teaching and learning effective so as to bring about good academic performance in both private and public schools.



 Background to the Study

This is the age of science that has science in its curriculum and this is generally neglected by students seeking admission not only in Ekiti State but also all over the country or nation. The importance of social science in the life of developing Nations like Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.

Adesoji (2002),   in a research study conducted in a randomly selected sample of secondary schools in the western states of Nigeria came to the conclusion that “It is the general feeling that students of today who will occupy the position of leadership in future must have this background and literacy of modern    programmers in social science”.

Meanwhile Economics is been recognized out of the school certificate level subjects.

Teachers are forced to be reckon with in the effective use of those materials and equipments since “its” foundation of science and technology is laid by them through this teaching of the various social sciences like Geography, Economics, sociology, Anthropology etc.

The only way for the teachers to be sure that students assimilates what is being taught is through evaluation. Relating to evaluation, too much importance is as a result of these grades factual information become the use of scientific skills and attitudes.

To show the importance of NECO Examination especially in the social science, some secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State, decided to organize a joint annual NECO examination for their final year students, NECO examination council (WAEC) for examples, a student who performed well in the examination could be admitted into some of our higher institution of learning. He stressed further that NECO examination play a vital role in assessing students preparation for the G.C.E examination, we have all understood that NECO Examination, is very important compared to WAEC or SCCE but to do this requires a lot of work.


Statement of the Problem

    To be concise, the main purpose of this study is to establish and study the relationship between candidates’ performance in the NECO (Economics) examination result on one hand, these question can therefore be asked; to what extent do candidates perform in this (NECO). Does economics serve as reliable prediction of individual performance in the subsequent WAEC examination in the same subject?


Objective of the Study

The main objective of this investigation is to find out the relationship between candidates performance in the NECO and West African School Certificate (Economics) examination in Ikere Local Government area of Ekiti State.

It also intends to establish the relationship between each institution over all performance in the NECO and WAEC Economics examination result have been assumed by teachers and others to predict adequately student performance in WAEC. There are a lot of author who had written about this one of them was.

Adewunmi (2012), who observe that NECO school certificate examination result were for six years used in some parts of the country including Ekiti state for provisional selection of candidates  into BS.c. course and some other post secondary institution substitution or alternating the result of the WAEC examination.

With this one we believe and accept that examination is very important not that alone, it is also thought that these result are used by WAEC for formation and diagnostic evaluation purpose before final results can be out. This means takes cognizance of NECO examination.


Research Questions

The research questions for the purpose of this study are:

  • Does the candidate in Ikere Local Government Area of Ekiti State Secondary School achieve good result in the WAEC Examination
  • Is there any relationship between student’s performances in the NECO Economics examination and their performance in the WAEC examination in the same school. What factors might be responsible for his relationship and other findings.

Research Hypothesis

The following hypothesis guided the study:

  1. Ho: There is no significance in the mean performance of students    who took NECO and WAEC Economics examination result for the 2001/2002   and   2003/2004 academic session.
  2. “Ho: There is no significance in the retentive ability of students who took NECO and WAEC Economics.

Significance of the Study

The significance of this investigation is to state firmly this importance of continuous assessment in the Nigeria educational system.

In view of this, the investigation suggest that NECO examination which is very important should be one of the four (4) part of Nigeria’s Educational system since NECO are considered as an integral part of the overall assessment of the student performance at the end of their secondary school course. The need for such a step to be taken might be felt more readily on the ground that the school teachers form a significant proportion of the Nigeria society.

More so they are well grounded by virtues of their training in the expectations of the society from the educated youth.    As such, the most reliable assessment of student should be expected from their teachers at least infact if not whole, reason being their term intervention with the student if is because of those points, that makes the researcher to find out and conclude that there is the need for such examination at all or to find another way of assessing students if need be and financial constraint, the schools selected for the research project are:

  • Annunciation School, Ikere – Ekiti
  • Comprehensive High School,Ikere ekiti
  • Amoye Grammar School, ikere Ekiti
  • Eleyo High School, Ikere Ekiti
  • U.D Comprehensive Grammar School, Ikere Ekiti
  • Ajolagun High School, Ikere Ekiti
  • Irepodun High School, Ikere Ekiti
  • Ikere High School, Ikere Ekiti

Definition of Terms

WAEC – West African Examination Council

NECO – National Examination Council

Academic Performance:– This means the academic achievement in this inform of grades ranging from F9 – Al

Validity:- The degree to which an instrument measures what it’s supposed to measure.

Predictive validity:-This replies extent to which an instrument or an entering performance may foretell future success or failure of a criteria measure.





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