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1.1    Background to the Study

The information gathered from various secondary school across this nation and in particular some selected local government area in Ekiti State which are Ikere Local Government, Ise/Orun Local Government and Emure Local Government concerning the poor performance of student in senior secondary certificate examination is very alarming for instance, in SSCE May/June 2004 at Model High School the percentage of students that passed were recorded as 40 and failure gave 9 percentage of 60. This is calling for attention and it is an issue to be addressed within the shortest time. If the high standard of education is to be maintained in our secondary schools.

In an attempt to find solutions to these problems, it is therefore necessarily to identify such factors that are considered responsible to the mass failure at students in Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.

According to Olaromilorun (2002), the factors as follows:

  • Inaccessibility to educational facilities such as inadequate equipment like good laboratories for science, lack of sufficient and relevant textbook in the library.
  • Non qualify teaching staff
  • Inadequate funding by the government
  • Poor motivation to work among others

The  school is an agent of change in this connection can used to effect a positive change  in the society through the sets and generation of youth, it train the developing nation are now facing problem of how to make their people efficient and practically productive.

To achieve this objective people have to work with their hand and hence the use of instructional materials as method of educating would definitely be a most reliable answer to this problem, any reluctant of the teacher to tape the aid of instructional material in teaching would definitely aggravate the already unfortunate situation of the African Child.

In view of the aforementioned, this research study focused on the influence of accessibility of educational facilities on student performance in senior secondary school certificate in economics examination in some selected local government in Ekiti State


1.2    Statement of the Problem

The teaching and learning of economics in Nigeria’s secondary school is a pragmatic problem. This terrifies everyone in Nigeria as what could be the factor that are responsible for the failure in Economics in secondary and tertiary institution in Nigeria despite it’s level of taught on a regular basis.

Aina (2000) on his research argued that research had shown that the poor performance of students in Economics is mainly due to the common and general assumption that Economics is the simplest subject which students can easily pass hence they handled it with levity.

In the past, students have poor background in the course since they were introduced to the subject in form three and later when secondary school curriculum change from 6-5-2-3- to 6-3-3-4 systems, the subject was introduced in the first year of the senior secondary class (S.S.S. 1). The subject was introduced to students at the Junior level (J.S.S.) as a business studies and Economics at the Senior Secondary level. This the performance of students in the subject has become a National Problem and that urgent attention is needed to ascertain the courses with a view of planning strategies in rising the performance of students in the subject.

Hence, the research tends to examine the relationship between students accessibility to educational facilities and students performance in Economics Examination in Ekiti State.


1.3    Objective of the Study

The broad objective of the study is to examine the influence of educational facilities on students’ performance in Economics examination in Ekiti State

However, other specific objectives include;

  1. To verify the accessibility of educational facilities in secondary schools
  2. To know the academic performance in senior secondary school certificate examination
  • To examine whether school with adequate educational facilities perform better in the senior secondary certificate examination than school lacking in facilities
  1. To know the causes of mass failure of student in senior secondary certificate examination in Economics


1.4    Research Questions

The study intends to answer the following question,

  1. Is there a significant relationship between the educational facilities and the students general performance in senior secondary school certificate examination in Economics?
  2. Is there any significant difference in the performance of students in schools where educational facilities are grossly in adequate?


1.5    Hypothesis

Based on the question raised the following hypothesis are tested;

  1. There is no significant relationship between educational facilities and students’ performance in Ikere, Emure and Ise/Orun Local Government?
  2. Schools with adequate facilities do not perform better than the school without such facilities?


1.6    Significant of the Study

The study intends to draw awareness the Government and the society in general to the necessity of educational facilities both human and physical towards the excellent performance of the secondary school students in Economics Examination.

Research has proved that students have poor background in Economics due to three assumptions. Namely; the school, the students and the society, for any meaningful development to take place in the society, there must be mutual agreement among the three. There for the proper improvement of students in Economics Examination, parent, teachers and the school hands must be on desk. Moreover, the study is set to provide comparative solution that will serve as a remedy to these problems. The outcome of the study is expected to encourage government, teachers, students and relevant stakeholders in the educational sector, the need to have positive attitudinal change at making sure that all hands are on desk to make the best use of the educational facilities provided for the use of Economics students.


1.7    Scope of the Study

The study is delimited to selected secondary schools in Ikere Local Government Area, Emure Local Government Area, Ise/Orun Local Government Area.

The Researcher intend to use these three Local Government as a representation of the secondary schools in Ekiti State due to time and financial constraints.









1.8    Definition of Terms

  1. SSCE – Senior Secondary Certificate Examination
  2. Secondary School – Secondary is the form of education children received after primary education and before tertiary stage.
  • Student – A person who is studying in Secondary or tertiary institution such as College of Education, Polytechnic and Universities either a boy or a girl
  1. Facilities – A special part of a piece of equipment or a system, which make it possible to do some thing
  2. Problem – That which produced on effect, things event, person etc that makes something happen.


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