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Background of the Study                                                                            1

Statement of the Problem                                                                           4

Purpose of the Study                                                                        4

Research Questions                                                                           4

Significance of the Study                                                                            5

Definition of Terms


Introduction                                                                                                6

The Secretary                                                                                    9

The Relevance of Information Communication

Technology in Secretarial Profession                                                          12

Faster Information Transmission                                                     13

The Secretary and Information Communication Technology            14





Research Design                                                                      16

Population of the study                                                           16

Sample and Sampling Technique                                            16

Method of Data Collection                                                      16

Data Analysis                                                                          18



Results                                                                                    19

Discussion                                                                               20




Restatement of the Problem                                                    22

Summary of Findings                                                              22

Conclusion                                                                              23

Recommendation                                                                    24

REFERENCES                                                                       25

APPENDIX                                                                                      27





Background to the Study

Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.) have impacted almost all the sectors of the world economy, though it is accepted that the rate of development of new Technology has been lower in developing countries especially those of sub-saharan African source. The Information Communication Technology (ICT) which in involve the use of electronic equipment for storing, analyzing and distribution of Information Communication Technology is gradually replacing storage, analysis distribution and processing among Governmental and non-Government organization while Information Communication Technology also involved the transfer and flow of information circulation of knowledge and ideas in the society by electronic means.  It is also a conscious attempt to share information.

For the purpose of getting desired results prior to the introduction of internet facilities in Nigeria with the effort internal group by late 1984, organizations have maid and it’s attendant problem had been delayed services or total ineffectiveness in some cases. Bureaucratic and logistics. However with the introduction of Information Communication Technology, information transfer within and outside organization has been very effective Information Communication Technology as major tool or information processing in organization was first  developed in the United States department of defence programmed ruing the cold war years. There was concern that in the event of nuclear attack, then communication system could be knocked out. Hence Advance Research project Agency Network (ARPANGT) was developed. Although it was developed for military as more institution became interested in networking these computer system more sophisticated standard were developed.

Communication can be given a broadened a restrictive definition. It can also be seen in the light of communication as linked to intention and judgement so, communication can be defined as

  1. The transmission of information
  2. The act and technique of using word effectively to impact information or idea
  3. The means of sending message
  4. The process that links discontinuous part of the living world together
  5. That situation in which a source transmitted a message to a receiver with conscious intent
  6. A process that make common to two or several what was the monopoly of one or some.

Communication effect the change in the receivers  behaviour (knowledge attitude and skill) that occur as a result of the message received. Communication can be constructed effective if result in intended behaviour of the receiver audience or target group sending a message is only one side of the communication exercise. Finding out the extent of its diffusion through the target group and it’s impact in terms of the effect applying the new knowledge is another feedback is a response from the receiver to the source of the message feedback is  a control device and important indication of the success of communication and advocacy as well as area requiring modification and further enquiry.

Understanding the secretarial profession in any organization as key agent of information transfer and processing and the importance of Information Communication Technology in information processing and transfer toward accelerated organizational productivity it is important to examine the level of awareness and adoption of Information Communication Technology among secretarial professionals in Nigeria.


Statement of the Problem

The impact of Information Communication Technology in secretarial profession, cannot be over emphasized it has become a serious food for thought in many organizations in recent time. This impact can only be meaningful and reasonable if the problems associated with Information Communication Technology with regards to secretarial profession are stated and solved.


Objectives of the Study

The research work is carried out to ascertain the relevance of secretarial profession in the ear of Information Communication Technology. It also aims at the effect of Information Communication Technology on secretarial profession.


Research Questions

  • What proportion of secretaries are ICT complaint?
  • What are the factors affecting the adoption of ICT by secretaries?
  • What can be done to encourage and increase the number of secretaries that embrace ICT


Significance of the Study

The study will be beneficial to professionals and practicing secretaries in the sense that the knowledge acquired will help the success in the profession. It will also enable training institutions to concentrate their effort on all the areas of knowledge of Information Communication Technology. Employer who want efficient secretaries will also find this study very valuable as it will give them the necessary ingredient to look for in any person applying to their firm as secretaries.










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Abia Umuahia, Adamawa Yola, Akwa Ibom Uyo, Anambra Awka, Bauchi Bauchi, Bayelsa Yenagoa, Benue Makurdi, Borno Maiduguri, Cross River Calabar, Delta Asaba, Ebonyi Abakaliki, Edo Benin. Ekiti Ado Ekiti, Enugu Enugu, Gombe Gombe, Imo Owerri, Jigawa Dutse, Kaduna Kaduna, Kano Kano, Katsina Katsina, Kebbi Birnin Kebbi, Kogi Lokoja, Kwara Ilorin, Lagos Ikeja, Nasarawa Lafia, Niger Minna, Ogun Abeokuta, Ondo Akure, Osun Oshogbo, Oyo Ibadan, Plateau Jos, Rivers Port Harcourt, Sokoto Sokoto, Taraba Jalingo, Yobe Damaturu, Zamfara Gusau, FCT Abuja.



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